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Swarovski Foiled SS20

SS20 CrystalSS20 Crystal$16.98 / grossSS20 Crystal ABSS20 Crystal AB$19.98 / grossSS20 AmethystSS20 Amethyst$17.98 / grossSS20 AquamarineSS20 Aquamarine$17.98 / gross
SS20 Aquamarine ABSS20 Aquamarine AB$19.98 / grossSS20 Black DiamondSS20 Black Diamond$17.98 / grossSS20 Blue ZirconSS20 Blue Zircon$17.98 / grossSS20 BurgundySS20 Burgundy$17.98 / gross
SS20 Capri BlueSS20 Capri Blue$17.98 / grossSS20 ChrysoliteSS20 Chrysolite$17.98 / grossSS20 CitrineSS20 Citrine$17.98 / grossSS20 CobaltSS20 Cobalt$17.98 / gross
SS20 Crystal CopperSS20 Crystal Copper$19.98 / grossSS20 Crystal DoradoSS20 Crystal Dorado$19.98 / grossSS20 Crystal SageSS20 Crystal Sage$19.98 / grossSS20 Crystal VolcanoSS20 Crystal Volcano$19.98 / gross
SS20 EmeraldSS20 Emerald$17.98 / grossSS20 EriniteSS20 Erinite$17.98 / grossSS20 Fire OpalSS20 Fire Opal$19.98 / grossSS20 FuchsiaSS20 Fuchsia$17.98 / gross
SS20 Golden ShadowSS20 Golden Shadow$19.98 / grossSS20 HematiteSS20 Hematite$19.98 / grossSS20 HyacinthSS20 Hyacinth$17.98 / grossSS20 Jet ABSS20 Jet AB$19.98 / gross