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Swarovski Hot Fix SS16

SS16 Crystal AB HFSS16 Crystal AB HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal HFSS16 Crystal HF$14.98 / grossSS16 Amethyst HFSS16 Amethyst HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Aquamarine AB HFSS16 Aquamarine AB HF$17.98 / gross
SS16 Aquamarine HFSS16 Aquamarine HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Black Diamond HFSS16 Black Diamond HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Blue Zircon HFSS16 Blue Zircon HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Burgundy HFSS16 Burgundy HF$15.98 / gross
SS16 Capri Blue HFSS16 Capri Blue HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Chrysolite HFSS16 Chrysolite HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Citrine HFSS16 Citrine HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Cobalt HFSS16 Cobalt HF$15.98 / gross
SS16 Crystal Copper HFSS16 Crystal Copper HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Dorado HFSS16 Crystal Dorado HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Golden Shadow HFSS16 Crystal Golden Shadow HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Meridian Blue HFSS16 Crystal Meridian Blue HF$17.98 / gross
SS16 Crystal Sage HFSS16 Crystal Sage HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Silver Shade HFSS16 Crystal Silver Shade HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Tabac HFSS16 Crystal Tabac HF$17.98 / grossSS16 Crystal Volcano HFSS16 Crystal Volcano HF$17.98 / gross
SS16 Emerald HFSS16 Emerald HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Erinite HFSS16 Erinite HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Fireopal HFSS16 Fireopal HF$15.98 / grossSS16 Fuchsia HFSS16 Fuchsia HF$15.98 / gross