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Swarovski Hot Fix SS20

SS20 Golden Shadow HFSS20 Golden Shadow HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Hematite HFSS20 Hematite HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Hyacinth HFSS20 Hyacinth HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Jet AB HFSS20 Jet AB HF$23.98 / gross
SS20 Jet HFSS20 Jet HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Jet Nut HFSS20 Jet Nut HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Jonquil AB HFSS20 Jonquil AB HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Jonquil HFSS20 Jonquil HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Khaki HFSS20 Khaki HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light AmethystSS20 Light Amethyst$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Colorado Topaz HFSS20 Light Colorado Topaz HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Peach HFSS20 Light Peach HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Light Rose AB HFSS20 Light Rose AB HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Light Rose HFSS20 Light Rose HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Sapphire HFSS20 Light Sapphire HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Siam AB HFSS20 Light Siam AB HF$23.98 / gross
SS20 Light Siam HFSS20 Light Siam HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Topaz HFSS20 Light Topaz HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Montana HFSS20 Montana HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Olivine HFSS20 Olivine HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Padparadscha HFSS20 Padparadscha HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Peridot HFSS20 Peridot HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Purple Velvet HFSS20 Purple Velvet HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Rose AB HFSS20 Rose AB HF$23.98 / gross