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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customers, As we continue to monitor the situation with the Coronavirus (Covid19) we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our store beginning Tuesday March 17. We feel this is in best interest of our customers, employees and local communities. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
As a family business we take the health and safety of our customers and staff very seriously.
We will continue to process on-line and phone orders daily. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.
Phone: (905) 389-2616
Be well, Stay safe. Anns Fabric Shop.

Swarovski Hot Fix SS20

SS20 Golden Shadow HFSS20 Golden Shadow HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Hematite HFSS20 Hematite HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Hyacinth HFSS20 Hyacinth HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Jet AB HFSS20 Jet AB HF$23.98 / gross
SS20 Jet HFSS20 Jet HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Jet Nut HFSS20 Jet Nut HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Jonquil AB HFSS20 Jonquil AB HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Jonquil HFSS20 Jonquil HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Khaki HFSS20 Khaki HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light AmethystSS20 Light Amethyst$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Colorado Topaz HFSS20 Light Colorado Topaz HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Peach HFSS20 Light Peach HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Light Rose AB HFSS20 Light Rose AB HF$23.98 / grossSS20 Light Rose HFSS20 Light Rose HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Sapphire HFSS20 Light Sapphire HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Siam AB HFSS20 Light Siam AB HF$23.98 / gross
SS20 Light Siam HFSS20 Light Siam HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Light Topaz HFSS20 Light Topaz HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Montana HFSS20 Montana HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Olivine HFSS20 Olivine HF$21.98 / gross
SS20 Padparadscha HFSS20 Padparadscha HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Peridot HFSS20 Peridot HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Purple Velvet HFSS20 Purple Velvet HF$21.98 / grossSS20 Rose AB HFSS20 Rose AB HF$23.98 / gross